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Deep Clean Your Fall River Apartment in Prep for the Holidays

man scrubbing table with a magic eraser, woman cleaning in the background

Welcome back to the South Winds Apartments Blog, where we bring you apartment living posts to help your life. Spring definitely isn’t the only time you can deep clean your apartment. October is the perfect month to do a deep clean, too, in preparation for the upcoming holidays. Doing it now means you can eliminate the stress of cleaning and decorating all in one month. Make now the time you choose to bring extra sparkle and shine to your apartment here in Fall River, MA. Start with our cleaning and organizing tips.

Plan It Out

It’s easy to say you’ll get around to cleaning when your deadline is a vague one. Decide now to do it and write down a schedule of what you want to do and when. Mapping out your chores ensures you do it at a pace that isn’t overwhelming for you. We suggest the idea to de-clutter the first week of the month, complete large chores like vacuuming and scrubbing the second week, catching up on laundry the third, and detailing the fourth. This way each day of the week you can do one or a few small chores and focus on light upkeep the rest of the month. The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist from I Dream of Clean categorizes everything by room, it may be helpful to use to figure out a cleaning schedule.  

Get Help

Sometimes the job is too big to handle yourself and the help of others is necessary. Getting help with cleaning can be a great way to spend time with friends and get many things done at once. If your friends aren’t nice enough to help, you could always reach out to family you have close by! Either way, an insurmountable task is that much easier when multiple hands are participating.

Get Prepared to Clean

Before you begin cleaning, get the right cleaning supplies. In addition to a broom and paper towels, grab an all-purpose cleaning spray, garbage bags, glass cleaner, vacuum, duster, and a few bins (an empty laundry basket will do just fine). Molly Maid has put together a list of basic cleaning supplies that will help you keep your apartment in tip-top condition.

Be sure to include sorting through your holiday decor a part of your cleaning this month. Repair or toss broken items, give away or donate decor you no longer use, check the holiday lights and replace bulbs (or toss them and try a new style this year), and check your gift-wrapping supplies to see what needs to be replenished.

What process do you have for cleaning your apartment? Share your ideas and cleaning tips with the rest of us by leaving a comment below. Thanks for reading! Good luck!