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Defeating the Curious, Gift Wrapping Strategies that Work

South Winds Apartments Blog, Fall River, MA  Wrapping gifts at your apartment? Read today's blog for ideas for foiling the attempts of the curious.

Were you the kid who always knew what you were getting when it came to gifts for special occasions? If so, then you know how difficult it can be to maintain surprises in the face of intense curiosity and ingenious methods of discovery. Today’s the South Winds Apartment Blog post has some ideas for foiling attempts by the curious people in your life that you want to surprise; plus a few practical pointers for wrapping gifts. So head to your favorite Fall River, MA discount shop to pick up plenty of tape and other wrapping supplies, and get to it!


Disguise It — Put a box in a box in a box, the recipient will be less likely to tamper with multiple containers.


Mis-Label It — Use someone else’s name on the gift tag (preferably a distant relative); when it is time to open the gifts, you can switch the tags, or explain.


Color Code It — If you are giving multiple gifts to multiple people, assign each person a particular color gift tag. (Just keep track of which color goes with which person.) Again when it’s time to open presents, you can reveal which gifts belong to whom.


Use Patterns — Again, in a multiple person, multiple gift situation, choose a different patterned wrapping paper for each person. No need for labels, simply keep track of which paper you used for whom. This makes it easy to sort presents too.


Number It — Once again for multiple gifts for multiple people; instead of putting the name on the gift tag, give it a number. Keep track of which number goes with which person. Make sure you keep the list handy!


And now for some basic wrapping tips:


Get organized. Gather wrapping paper, scissors, labels, ribbons, etc. together in one place. Perhaps keep it in a box, tote, or bag for easy access.


Wrap on a firm, flat surface such as a table or counter. Your time spent wrapping will be more efficient, your cuts straighter, and it will be easier to stay organized.


Less is more; in other words, don’t use too much wrapping paper. Cut it to fit the size of the gift you are wrapping. Your results will be crisper and cleaner, instead of messy and bulky.


Whatever you’ll be wrapping up, we hope these tips can help you do it better. Please feel free to share your gift-wrapping tricks in the comments.