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Evaluating Online Reviews Made Simple

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Welcome back to the South Winds Apartments Blog. As promised in our last blog post (which was about writing effective reviews), this month we are providing tips for evaluating online reviews. Online reviews are a part of the interwebs landscape, and a savvy shopper knows to take advantage of the information and data that reviews supply. But it’s important to know what you’re looking for and how to interpret it. Today we have some tips for how to do so successfully.

Why Reviews Are Important

Saving money, eating good food, receiving excellent service, and staying in a reputable lodging place are all good reasons to hone your online review evaluation skills! Whether you are looking at making a big purchase and want to get the best value for your money, scoping out a new restaurant to try, or booking an Airbnb for your next vacation, online reviews can help you make good decisions. But first you need to know what to look for. That’s where our tips can help you out.

What to Look for in Reviews

Look for reviews with phrases like, “this was my experience” to find reviews that touch on the key things that are important to you and to show that a reviewer is doing their best to be fair. Also, keep in mind that what is a top priority for you may not be on your neighbor’s top ten list.

Reviews that have specific details are typically more helpful than vague reviews. “I loved this” and “I hated that” don’t provide enough information to be helpful.

Place high value on reviews that are balanced and that share the pros and cons of a situation, product, or service.

Look for trends in what reviewers are saying. If multiple people are saying the same thing, chances are it’s an accurate representation.

Note reviews that are well written with clear language, proper spelling, and grammar. This can indicate that care was taken to present an honest opinion.

Also be aware that there are a lot of fake reviews out in the cyberworld. Don’t get taken in my them. Educate yourself about the red flags indicating a false review.

We invited members of our apartment community to write a review for South Winds Apartments in our last blog post. If you haven’t yet submitted a review, we invite you to do so now! Thanks for taking time out of your busy life to read out post today.