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Fairy Tale Reading in Your Apartment


South Winds Apartments Blog, Fall River, MA  Pick up a fairy tale themed book from the library or on audible to read this summer! Our outdoor lounge is the perfect place to do some summer reading!


Fairy tales was one of the categories in our genre-themed July blog post last summer. This July, we have some specific books based on fairy tales (with reviews from Goodreads) that we think residents of our South Winds Apartments will enjoy! Head to your favorite Fall River, MA bookstore and enjoy some summer reading!


Fairy-Tale Themed Books for Summer Reading


A Curse as Dark as Gold by Elizabeth C. Bunce


“I'm generally not much of a fairy-tale fan — but I liked the way this fairy-tale was turned into a real story; as in it was presented as real people in real situations, but at the same time, it followed the traditional story of Rumpelstiltskin. The Miller family, troubles at their woolen mill, and the arrival of a certain Jack Spinner on the scene. I loved discovering how the tale unfolded and then ended in this retelling.”


Summers at Castle Auburn by Sharon Shinn


“So this is one of my new favorite young adult (or young at heart) books. I love the heroine of the story — so much better than an angst ridden Bella (as per Twilight . . . ). Granted, there is some angst in Summers at Castle Auburn, but how could you have a story about a teenager without some? The story is engaging, and the characters are believable. It is essentially a fairy tale, but it has a realistic feel to it that I like, including the self-realizations that come about by the end of the book. Overall, a good read.”


The Thief (The Queen’s Thief #1) by Megan Whalen Turner


“Only begin this book if you like to read a series — because this will pull you into a fairy-tale like world of intrigue, treasure, and magic. Though not based on a specific fairy tale, it has the essence of one, in an expanded format. Gen, liberated from the king’s prison, because of his skills as a thief, must prove himself. How he does is a delightful adventure. And, the series is almost complete, only one more book, (which may be finished by the time you work through the first five!).”


What books are on your summer reading list? Let us know in the comments; it’s always fun to have great reading suggestions. We hope you enjoy the summer and take advantage of our community amenities including our outdoor lounge (a great place to read), and our contemporary clubhouse lounge. Thanks for reading today’s post.