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Pets at Your South Winds Apartment

South Winds Apartments Blog, Fall River, MA  In today's blog post we're sharing a list of tips for living with pets in your apartment. Read on to learn more!

Welcome back to the South Winds Apartments Blog! We are pleased to provide a pet-friendly community here in Fall River, MA, and today we want to share some tips for living with pets in our apartment community. We welcome cats and dogs, so bring your furry friends along with you. If you don’t currently own a pet but you are thinking of getting a dog, this article, The Best Pets for Apartment Living, has some good information about options available to you. (Contact management for specific details about our Pet Policy.)  


Tips for Living with Pets in Apartments


Be Courteous to Your Neighbors

One of the most important aspects of having a pet in an apartment is to be aware of how its behaviors will affect neighbors. Take care to clean up after your pet in a timely manner. Take steps to prevent your pet from jumping on or barking at neighbors too. This makes everyone happy!


Keep Your Pets Up-to-Date on Vaccinations

Be sure your pet’s vaccinations are up-to-date. This is really important since most apartment communities have shared outside grounds. If children and other people are using the common yard areas, your pet needs to be free of parasites and vaccinated in order to prevent parasitic and infectious diseases. In addition, in the rare case someone accuses your dog of biting, proof of vaccination will be paramount.


Spend Time Every Day with Your Pet

A dog that lives in a small space without a fenced yard will require daily leash time, probably more than a few times a day to go potty and stretch out those four legs. Be sure to set aside time for activity every day, and recognize that leash walks will be part of your daily routine, even in the rain and snow. Cats may (or may not) want to socialize, but taking time to simply relax with your cat can chase away the stresses of the day.


Here are some common challenges pet owners face and ideas about how to overcome them; sourced from The Humane Society:


Tips for cat owners


Preventing your cat from destructive scratching


Preventing litter box problems


Keeping your cat happy indoors


Tips for dog owners


How to get your dog to stop barking


Stop your dog's inappropriate chewing


Prevent your dog's separation anxiety


We hope this information has been helpful to our pet-loving residents at South Winds Apartments! Watch for a future blog about proper etiquette when using our dog park. Thanks for reading today’s blog post.