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Thanksgiving Short Stories to Enjoy

Woman reading a book during the fall


In addition to the delicious food, Thanksgiving is often a time when people reflect on things and experiences they’re thankful for. At South Winds Apartments, we hope that as you reflect on this past year, your accomplishments, trials, and experiences, you’ll have a good time, especially as you spend time with friends and family in and around our apartment community in Fall River, MA. In today’s post, we’re sharing a few short stories that are perfect for Thanksgiving. Take some time to read these inspiring and heartwarming tales that will take minutes to read and impact your life forever.


Bert’s Thanksgiving

This is a story about an old man and a young boy who run into each other on Thanksgiving. The story teaches (among other things) that money is not the source of true riches. What do you treasure most of all?


The Thanksgiving Goose

This story touches on the importance of being thankful. The central character, Guy, learns an important lesson that teaches him the true meaning of this holiday.


The Origin of Thanksgiving

While this story does not capture entirely what happened years ago, it does serve as and offer a good message. We often enjoy a holiday without actually thinking of where the holiday came from or why we celebrate it. This story is a good reminder of that.


Mr. Pancake Turkey

Mr. Pancake Turkey is a fun story about Farmer Francis. As he goes to feed his turkeys, he notices that one is as flat as a pancake. The next day, he finds that the same turkey is even flatter. What follows is a tale of money and greed as a result of the flat turkey and an important lesson for more than just Farmer Francis.


We hope you enjoy reading and sharing these Thanksgiving short stories. If you have any stories of your own, share them in the comments below. Happy Thanksgiving!